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Saanghuro is the Psycho-social conflict of characters that leads unusual circumstances and raises many unsolved questions. Saanghuro's story is built around members of a lower middle class family living in an urban slum. Poverty is the part of their lives, and their insecurity that comes with having to worry about whether their house might come down any day is a constant companion to them all. Krishna is a paper boy, and his mother works as a sweeper. Krishna falls in love with kamala, a domestic worker to a rich family, and the two soon get married. The film beautifully portrays the psychology of the newly wedded couple who are powered upon them because of their mother's constant presence in their shared room.

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Original title Saanghuro
English title The Narrowness
Original language Nepali
Subtitles English
Producer Sameer Mainali
Production Country Nepal
Script Writer Binod Paudel
Director Joes Pandey
Starring Shushank Mainali,Deeya Maskey
Duration 99 min
Year 2013
Fileds Theater releases, TV, VOD
Format DVD, MOV
Awards Best Script Award-Film Critics Society of Nepal (FICSON)