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Griot's Story

A personal musical documentary based on the narrative of Adama Drame, an African drummer descending from a family of Drame griots, a caste of old African tradition upholders. The main character narrates in Dioula, the artist’s mother tongue. Even if simple, thrifty and accurate, it remains a credible story. The screenplay is based on Arlette Senn-Borloz’s book titled Jeliya, être griot et musicien aujourd’hui, and the director’s interviews with the artist.

A Griot’s Story is the story of a mature musician. The focus of the film is on Adama Drame’s music and his life attitude: full awareness of continuing his social mission of music making. Adama Drame is a contemporary griot, albeit orthodoxly traditional, He is a contemporary African who forcefully defends and defencelessly loses his identity. An African who is exposed to economic and cultural colonialism. An African who resists the lures of artistic career in Western Europe, although he has often worked there for 25 years. A man who looks after his own tradition and culture. Above all. A proud African in Paris and in Burkina Faso.

Original title Griot's Story
Polish Title Opowieść Griota
English title Griot's Story
Original language French
Subtitles Polish, English
Producer Adam Różański
Production Country Burkina Faso - France
Script Writer Adam Rozenman
Director Adam Rozenman
Starring Adama Drame
Duration 55 min
Year 2007/8
Fileds Theater releases, TV, DVD, VOD
Format MOV